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Swimming Pool inspections and certificationsWelcome
Pool Safety Inspections
I would like to introduce ourselves.  We are Ray and Christine, a locally owned, fully insured, accredited and licensed family business. 
Why choose a pool safety business on the Sunshine Coast?
It’s a safe, systematic pool safety inspection designed to make our pools safe for everyone in our community.
Swimming pools are fun. However drowning is the leading cause of death in Queensland for children aged 1 to 4 years of age. Supervision is vital and teaching them to swim at a young age can save lives.
Effective pool fencing also helps keep kids safe. This is why the new Queensland pool safety laws have been introduced. We are also committed to the educational aspects of pool fencing requirements in Queensland. We understand that change is sometimes difficult, however we must adapt to changes in our life.
We are committed in helping you understand the new pool fencing regulations and can assist you every step of the way. Pools should be safe for all children.
Go Wild provide you with simple direction on how you can conform to the legislation for swimming pools in a simple and structured way.
No need to be confused, we are all committed to reducing the change that a child may drown, we are here to make the registration process easy for you and will assist you all the way.
We are committed to:
·         Honesty.
·         No hidden fees
·         No hidden extra charges
·         Providing further training in CPR and First Aid
·         Providing CPR Chart if required
Compliance Requirements
Shared Pool – E.g. Caravan Parks, Motels or Unit Complexes – Every Year
Non-Shared Pool – E.g.  Private residence – Every Two Years
Renting – Pool safety certificate must be current
If you are issued with a non-conformity issue you will have 90 days to comply and have re-inspected.
If you would like any further information on swimming pool inspections, questions answered or to make a booking please contact us on Mobile phone number 0410 774 924, info@gowildreptiles.com or go to our website www.gowildreptiles.com.
Below is some pictures of non-compliant swimming pools. Due to these defects this is how our children can drown. It only takes a minute to look away and its too late.
Also check out our other website dedication just to our swimming pool inspections on the Sunshine Coast.   Click here 
Faulty Gate Latch
Faulty Gate Latch
Gate doens't automatically close. This is unsafe and makes the pool non-compliant
Faulty Gate
Faulty Gate
Hinges are not the correct distance apart and gate doesn't automatically shut. Pool is non-compliant
Pot Plants
Pot Plants
Pot plants along pool fencing makes pool non-compliant as children can climb on these to gain access.
Bamboo Fencing attached
Bamboo Fencing attached
Even though looks pretty. Non-compliant. This is classed as a climbable zone.
Below is an article that was published in the Mummy Mag. Every parents worst nightmare.